A path of Hope

May Saint Brother André be a source of inspiration and hope for each one of us during this time when we are all under the influence of the coronavirus pandemic. Brother André reminds us that there are no dilemmas or hardships which cannot be surmounted or overcome. There is always a path of hope for those who have confidence.

In some ways, life today is not much easier that it was at the time of Brother André. Many were confronted by poverty, illness, insecurity of work, and loneliness. Facing the future, we experience the same uncertainties. Sometimes it’s difficult to find our way.

Brother André stood firm during the great trials of his life. His unshakable faith in God’s love was the source of courage, perseverance, and above all was a source of confidence in any difficulty — for many people.

We know that Brother André is always actively present in the life of those who call upon him. Brother André turns our gaze toward Christ. He reminds us it is in Jesus that we find strength and courage to support us in facing a challenge, to overcome obstacles we meet on our way. Following Brother André, it is enough to believe, to have confidence in the God who loves us, who opens the door of our heart to others. That is the of hope.

Following the example of Saint Brother André and Saint Joseph, let us place our confidence in the Lord. He can broaden our range of vision, give us a generous heart to welcome and love, to heal and give hope to those around us. He will help you to walk strong on the road of life, to keep courage and to stay the course in these difficult times.

Jean-Pierre Aumont, CSC