Preaching and Celebrations from Saturday, March 10 to Sunday, March 18 in preparation for the Feast of Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary, on Monday, March 19, 2018.



Saint Brother André, you followed a path to the Lord
marked by prayer and welcoming of others.
Help us to welcome as you did,
the people whom life puts on our path.

You trusted your friend Saint Joseph.
Teach us to know, trust and love better
the one you chose as patron of this Oratory.

You surrounded yourself with men and women,
in building a remarkable sacred space.
Help us live this precious heritage
of prayer, faith and love.

Lord, guide us
in the footsteps of this humble brother.
Transform our hearts so that we can
keep alive this heritage
of fervent prayer and unconditional welcome.

We pray to you, our Father, through your Son and in the Spirit.



Bernard East, prédicateur de la neuvaine à saint Joseph 2018 à l'Oratoire Saint-Joseph

Bernard East, O.P.

Bernard East was ordained a priest in 1977 as a member of the Order of Preachers, the Dominicans. He earned a doctorate in theology, and taught moral theology for many years at Dominican University College in Ottawa. After having been appointed assistant to and vicar for the Master of the Order, he fulfilled many functions within his community, notably Prior and Rector of the Shrine of the Rosary and of Saint Jude. For 6 years, he was pastor of Immaculée-Conception Parish of Montreal. For four years now, he has served as a member of Pastoral Services at Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal.

Yvon Pomerleau, prédicateur de la neuvaine à saint Joseph 2018 à l'Oratoire Saint-Joseph

Yvon Pomerleau, O.P.

Yvon Pomerleau entered the Dominicans in 1960; then was ordained a priest in 1969 in Rwanda, where he served as missionary for 25 years. After that, he was appointed Promoter General for the Dominicans in Rome, and councillor for Apostolic Life to the Master of the Order. Elected prior provincial in 2002, he exercised this function for 8 years, contemporaneously with responsibilities within the Canadian Conference of Religious. He presently preaches on Sundays at Saint Joseph’s Oratory and assists at Foyer du monde, part of a project for temporary housing for refugees.

Michel Gourgues, prédicateur de la neuvaine à saint Joseph 2018 à l'Oratoire Saint-Joseph

Michel Gourgues, O.P.

A Dominican, Michel Gourgues has always been fascinated by the New Testament, and has made it his specialty. He teaches in the Faculty of Theology at the Dominican University College in Ottawa and as an invited professor at the Institut de pastorale in Montreal as well as at the École Biblique in Jerusalem. His time is well spent with academic activities of teaching, research, and publication.  Honouring the great Dominican tradition of preaching, he is regularly invited to preach, to give conferences, and to lead Bible study groups announcing the Good News to diverse communities in the Church.


 Preaching from March 10 to 18, at 14:00 and 19:30, in the Crypt Church
 Father Bernard East, OP
Saturday March 10  A Heritage of Liberation
Sunday March 11* A Heritage of Fidelity
Monday, March 12  A Heritage of Salvation
Father Yvon Pomerleau, OP
Tuesday, March 13* A Heritage Transmitted by Water
Wednesday, March 14  A Heritage Filled with Life
Thursday, March 15  A Heritage Borne by Witnesses
Father Michel Gourgues, OP
Friday, March 16  A Heritage in the Face of Disbelief
Saturday, March 17 A Heritage in the Face of Opposition
Sunday, March 18*  A Heritage in the Face of Death


*Preaching at 14:00 will be held in the Basilica.

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Radio Broadcast

From Saturday March 10 to Sunday March 18
Daily Preaching will be broadcast from 18:15 to 18:30 on Radio VM

Sunday March 11 and 18
The regular Mass at 11:00 in the Basilica will be broadcast live on Radio VM

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91,3 FM Montreal , 89,3 FM Victoriaville, 89,9 FM Trois-Rivieres
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Salt & Light

Television Broadcast

From Saturday, March 10 to Sunday, March 18

Regular Mass in French, from Monday to Saturday at 8:30 will be broadcast live on Salt & Light TV.

On Saturday, March 10 and Sunday, March 18, the preaching at 19:30 in French will be broadcast live on the web by Salt & Light TV.


Monday, March 19
Mass will be broadcast live at 9:00.

Novena 2018 – Special Dossier

From The Oratory Magazine, January-April 2018 vol 92 no 1


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