In a Spirit of Celebration 

It’s party time at the Oratory! It’s already been 10 years since Brother André was canonized. What cherished memories and what an awareness of the extraordinary heritage that Saint Brother André left us when reading the many testimonies even now received from all over. Brother André is still alive and close. All his friends are celebrating.

Canonisation 2010

Canonization of Brother André, October 2010. Photo credit: Charles McBride

“Brother André has died leaving behind a reputation of saintliness,” wrote Father Albert Cousineau, CSC in 1949, during the beatification process. “I’ve heard a huge number of the faithful speak highly of the holiness of Brother André: priests, religious, bishops, professionals, workers, whether from Canada or from different parts of the United States, from France, Italy, England, South America, Egypt, Palestine, and India.” And since that time the list has only grown longer.

Everyone who approached him recognized in him a man of God, a remarkable man of prayer. Despite the many overwhelming concerns, God was always foremost in his soul. Completely at God’s service, he was chosen by God, like Joseph, to do extraordinary things. In the days after his death, people filed day and night past his bier. Day and night, five priests were needed for those faithful who wanted to welcome within themselves the sign of the Father’s mercy and love in the Sacrament of Forgiveness. And so, Brother André was still at work. When you came into contact with him, the love of God broke in, exerted a pull; for each one he became the breath of life, the strength of God. Even today, his presence comforts us, heals our wounds and fills us with peace and hope.

The song written by Robert Lebel, and dedicated to Brother André, reminds us: “Simple, poor, humble Brother André… You were the one for whom no barrier could hide the great beyond… For you, there was but a veil of prayer between God and your faith, between a son and a Father… Up high on the mountain, unendingly your faith guides us.”

Jean-Pierre Aumont, CSC