Climb the steps leading to the dome with pride!

As of now, you have the opportunity to purchase a step that will lead to the top of the dome, to the future Observatory that will be built in the last phase of Saint Joseph’s Oratory’s Development Project. It will be the highest point of view in Montreal, which was already planned at the time of Brother André!

Through your support of our mission of openness, gathering and reflection, you demonstrate your attachment to Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal.

Reaching new heights, one step at a time!

By buying a step, you will be making a donation to help complete this major undertaking. And, the step will be “yours”!
Three categories of interior steps leading to the top of the dome are available to you

  • Green: $2,500 steps between the Museum and the Observation gallery
  • Blue: $5,000 steps between the oculus and the highest steps
  • Red: $25,000 steps leading to the Observatory in the lantern
$25,000 STEPS
Leading to the Observatory in the lantern
$5,000 STEPS
Between the oculus and the highest steps
$2,500 STEPS
Between the Museum and the Observation gallery
Acheter une marche dans le dôme de l'Oratoire - Purchase a step leading to the Oratory's Dome

Engrave your name in the history of the Oratory…

Once you have purchased your step, you can have your name inscribed on the stair riser, or you can choose your family’s name. The step can even be dedicated to the memory of someone who is dear to you.

Good to know

  • The price of each category of walk represents a considerable sum that can be paid over a period of five years. The transaction must be completed by January 31, 2024.
  • The payments are non-refundable. If a donor has to stop his payments, the donation already offered will then be considered as a donation for the Benefactors’ Step.
  • Payment for the step can be made by cheque (payable to Saint Joseph’s Oratory Foundation), credit card or bank debit. Tax receipts will be issued.
  • From fall 2020, a certificate will be sent to all donors with the location of their step.

The funds received from the sale of the steps will be added to those collected through the Reaching New Heights campaign, which is aiming to raise $15 million. We’re almost there! We just need your help to reach the last few steps. Carve out your place in history!

Would you like to purchase a step?

*Only available if you make a one-time payment

Would you like more information?

Mrs Sylvie Lefebvre
Donator Relations
514 733-8216 ext. 2721

Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal
3800 Queen Mary Road
Montréal, Quebec, H3V 1H6