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Category: Spirituality

The Feast of the Sacred Heart

By Claude Grou, c.s.c.

Rector, Saint Joseph's Oratory

June 19, 2020 Faith, Feasts and Celebrations, Spirituality

On this third Friday of June, we celebrate the Sacred Heart. What exactly are we celebrating?

The saving power of hope

Let the saving and renewing power of hope flowing from the heart of the risen Christ animate our every day life.

Growing under the care of Joseph

The month of April is a opportune time to have an encounter with Saint Joseph and to share with him in the silence and peace of his presence a face-to-face at the depths. A time for seeing and being seen by one who knows all too well God’s love. A gaze of goodness and confidence, the gaze of Joseph can sooth, promote trust and encourage. In this exchange of glances, Joseph can disclose to each their inner life, and it gives us an opportunity to confide in him.

Praying the Rosary

By Bernard East, o.p.

Guest Preacher, Novena to Saint Joseph

September 26, 2019 Faith, Pilgrimages and Devotions, Spirituality

Many saints and community founders felt a certain pride in affirming to have been entrusted with the responsibility by the Virgin Mary herself to preaching and spreading the practice of the recitation and devotion of the Rosary.

Spend the summer with Saint Brother André

By Jonas St-Martin, c.s.c.

Director, Welcome and Pilgrimage Services

July 25, 2019 Brother André, Faith, Nature, Pilgrimages and Devotions, Spirituality

Now that summer is here, we can’t help but think of vacations, festivities, pleasure, sun and warmth. It is also a special time to begin a spiritual process of self-reflection that will open up a new place in your life.

Friday March 29 Homily

To mark our gratefulness for Father Claude Grou’s recovery, following his attack on March 22, and to salute his return to pastoral fonctions, we are happy to share the homily he gave, in French, during Mass on Friday March 29.

Read the Homily in French here.

God will welcome us at the end of the journey… Hold fast to hope!

Discover the inspirational reflection that is offered to you on this 1st day of the Novena to Saint Joseph.

A journey of nine days with three stopovers

What will be the spiritual journey of the next Novena to Saint Joseph? The event will take place at Saint Joseph’s Oratory from March 10 to 18, 2019. Our three guest preachers, three monks, are inviting us to walk with Saint Joseph and Saint André on a path of hope, faith and love.

Do This in Remembrance of Me

By Claude Grou, c.s.c.

Rector, Saint Joseph's Oratory

March 23, 2018 Faith, Feasts and Celebrations, Spirituality

With Holy Week just beginning, Father Claude Grou, Rector, invites us to reflect on the meaning of the acts and words we commemorate…

A Heritage of Liberation

By Bernard East, o.p.

Guest Preacher, Novena to Saint Joseph

March 10, 2018 Faith, Pilgrimages and Devotions, Saint Joseph, Spirituality

Discover the inspirational text that is offered to you on this 1st day of the Novena to Saint Joseph.

Ash Wednesday

By Charles Corso, CSC

Member of the Pastoral Team at Saint Joseph's Oratory

February 13, 2018 Faith, Spirituality

Father Charles Corso, CSC, shares a reflection as we prepare to enter the time of Lent.

Saint Joseph of the Nativity

By Claude Grou, c.s.c.

Rector, Saint Joseph's Oratory

December 21, 2017 Arts and culture, Faith, Spirituality

A moment to contemplate a few figures of Saint Joseph, as he appears in Nativity Scenes, and on their meaning.
Read the article in French.